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I've seen it before ... your church is at a fork in the road and you're wondering where to go next. Don't go it alone ... bring in a strategic outsider to help you through the transition. 

I dive deep and attempt to gain a nuanced understanding of your church's unique culture and then help you build out time-tested solutions fitted to your church.

Thinking about going multisite? I've had a front row seat for the launch of over 15 campuses directly and helped dozens of other churches through the process. 

Looking to accelerate your church's growth? Let's build a communication plan that encourages your people to invite their friends and sees them stick & stay.

Every year I serve a small group of churches through highly personalized coaching ... I'd be honored to explore if I'm a strategic outsider for you and your church.

- Rich Birch

Multisite Launch

Are you ready to multiply what is happening at your church to new locations but you're not sure where to start?

Are you worried that you'll make missteps early on that will hinder your multisite efforts down the road? 

We'll build a comprehensive launch plan that you can repeat time and again in the future as you expand to new locations. 

[Let's talk about your launch.]

Multisite Tune Up

So you've launched a campus or two ... now what? 

Are you looking for strategies for growing the campuses you already have before you launch new locations?

Wondering how to effectively structure your ministry for future expansion and growth?

[Let's talk about how we can help.]

Growth Communications

Whether you are one or ten locations the way you communicate with your people can either drive growth or cause stagnation.

How to increase the "inviting" culture of your church while staying true to yourself...

How to leverage a year round communications strategy that results in steady and consistantly increasing the number of first time guests to your church ...

[Let's talk about growing your church.]

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What some past clients think about working with Rich ... 

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I only work with a small group of churches who are looking to make a difference in their communities every year. This really is a perfect time to get started. 

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